Nicolas Bets

It was at the age of 17 that I came to Paris from my native Belgium to become a photographer like my mother. It just took me a year to graduate from photography school, and I was lucky enough to assist great names like Claus Wickrath and Jean-Daniel Lorieux in the following seven years.The photographers who inspired me are Robert Doisneau, Henri Cartier Bresson, Guy Bourdin, Peter Lindbergh, Steve Hiett, Jean Paul Goude, Helmut Newton. Especially in terms of staging and moments of frozen life.For over 30 years I have combined delirium and austerity on my playground and seek to take aesthetics as well as sense for detail to extremes. Doing this, I have worked with brands like Lacoste, Louis Vuitton, Kenzo, Channel and many others....My work meanwhile has been exhibited in galleries around the world and published in major magazines. Film posters are also part of my work.Between the harmony of colors, the backdrops and the expressiveness of the figures that I stage, I try to endow my work with a recognizable sent and a unique flavor. My photographs, always with a dash of spring, show especially the female figure from an unexpected, unusual and unconventional angle. This way I try to infuse a special kind of freshness to the world of fashion photography - the result, in my view, is a combo of carefully choreographed scenography and genuine spontaneity at the same time.What I am always striving for with my photography is an invitation to lightness, to create an ode to color, so to speak, and to provide a testimony of true mastery of photo sessions: from studio to desert, from the swimming pool to interior, my playground is limitless.