Steven Lyon

Steven Lyon is an artist hailing from the beaches of California... He bought his first camera in 1998 and moved to Paris to re-immerse himself in the Paris fashion world. Using film as his medium and drawing inspiration from cinema and the iconic photographers of the ‘80’s, he developed his own signature style and established himself as an irreverent, borderline rebel in today’s homogenized fashion world. He quickly developed a rich, intimate and cinematic aesthetic and contributed to publications such as Vanity Fairy, GQ, Vogue and the sexy magazines like the French Normal, S Magazine and TREATS.
In 2018 he founded a new cultural art magazine "INDULGE" to be released in 2020.
Steven currently resides in Los Angeles with his legendary, man's best friend – Rudy.

Selected clients

Vanity Fairy, GQ, Vogue, French Normal, S Magazine, Treats