James Meakin

In the beginning, his life on the farm where he grew up in the UK was too slow and distant, Studying engineering didn’t float his boat and he blew his time as an airforce pilot rookie, distracted by a growing sense that the world had more to offer him...
When he found it in the fashion industry, there was no holding back, it was the stage he’d been looking for. In his 10 years since 6 years of assisting he´s seen the best of the worst of the worlds weather, from -26C in Moscow to plus 48C in Namibia, He has shot in paradise, in slums, occasionally he dodged security and just did it anyway… But he is still just as content in the controlled environment of his London studio or applying his vision into an ordinary everyday location.
James loves nature, has a graphic eye, is obsessed with colour and beauty.
His mantra for both image and fashion is escape the Instagramed mundane everyday, daydream, fantasise, effortlessly capture female beauty and spirit, indulge in art, explore a characters sexuality but maintain a subtly unobtainable and mystifying sense to the moment.
His happiest place is on an Epic location, taking inspiration from spectacular moments in nature and contemporary fashion, courtesy of the collaborations with the visionary stylists and creatives that those in this industry have the privilege to be uniquely exposed to.

Selected clients

Vogue China | Harpers Bazaar | Conde Nast Traveller | net-a-porter | Lula | Flaunt | Flair | Dansk | Tank | Tush | Sleek | Exit | Stylist | Financial Times | Tatler | Sunday Times
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